What do you want to learn about this year?

Healthy Nutrition in a Fast Food World Workshop Set for April 28
March 7, 2018
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June 16, 2018
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What do you want to learn about this year?

Simply tell me what you want to learn and experience at Wrens Nest this year for a chance to win a $25 gift shop credit! 


This summer marks our fourth year enriching the minds and bodies of our Wrens Nest community through educational programs and workshops. When I founded Wrens Nest Center for Wellbeing in 2013, I consulted a board of advisors who also shared my passion for bringing people together to learn, heal and grow by stretching their bodies, minds and souls. Since then, we’ve hosted quarterly workshops and programs that have focused on a variety of topics. As a complement to our everyday offerings and services, we’ve welcomed speakers from around the country to Wrens Nest to educate and inspire us toward our wellness potential.

My hope is that you’ve already attended a few of these programs and are eager for more. If you’ve never been to one, please know that each workshop we create is open to everyone, and I’m always responsive to developing programs that meet the needs of our Wrens Nest community.

In 2017 and earlier this year, we partnered with the Creative Arts Guild on a series that connected art and health. We’ve developed much of our own programming and reached out to professionals in other regions to bring their teachings to Wrens Nest.

As we plan more workshops in the future, I want to hear what you want! So, I’m inviting you to shoot me back a suggestion for a topic you would like covered in the next year. (Email us @ wrensnestcenter@gmail.com) By mid-July, I’ll randomly choose someone who has submitted a response and offer them a $25 credit in our gift shop. (Please try to respond by June 30.)

Looking back on all these offerings makes me so appreciative for our growing Wrens Nest community and the potential to keep learning together. I hope you’ll offer some feed

back on new programs you would like to see on the workshop agenda. As we look to the future, it’s always good to see where we’ve been.

Here’s a list of topics we’ve already covered since our doors opened in 2014.

• “Healthy Nutrition in a Fast Food World” was a nutritious and delicious meal-planning and healthy eating workshop presented by Hannah Jackowski.
• “The Art of Mindful Movement” – featured Jessie Fincher and Paige Retchko from the Creative Arts Guild and Cindy Michaels who partnered together to demonstrate classical ballet and yoga poses that helped everyone learn how movement is connected with overall mind and body health.
“Picture of Health Painting Party + Jewelry Making Workshop” offered an inspirational way to celebrate fall with Sandra Babb, who led a canvas painting session and Paula Plott Gregg, who taught us how to make a necklace.
•  “The Power of Music & How It Can Benefit Your Health” welcomed musicians Lisa Elders and Charlsey Etheridge who offered an informative and entertaining workshop that demonstrated how individuals can incorporate the power of music to benefit their health.
•  “Wordshop – an Exploration of Wellness and Health Through the Spoken and Written Word” invited creative professionals from the Creative Arts Guild (Amanda Brown, Jim Sneary, and Amy Smith) to demonstrate the power of the written and spoken word and how words shape our lives, heal our bodies and connect us to each other.
•  “Make & Take Ayurveda Spice Workshop” was a hands-on demonstration led by Jaya Ramamurthy and Cindy Michaels where participants took home a fall/winter spice kit and learned how their bodies could benefit year-round from easy Ayurvedic recipes, nutrition and care. Linda Norman rounded out the workshop with a chai tea recipe.
“DIY Summer Herb & Ayurveda Workshop, Demonstration & Tasting” was an interactive experience with cooking demonstrations, hands-on container gardening and instruction for making herbal teas and syrups led by Agatha Noveille and Jaya Ramamurthy.
“Spring Awakening for the Mind & Body” was a two-day event that featured Susan Ewing, who offered an introduction to proprioceptive writing, and Faye Henry, who demonstrated the power of sonic massage.
“De-Clutter, De-Stress and Delight in Your Life” welcomed interior designers Cindy Tidwell and Bridget Driggers, who offered tips on mindfully and intentionally organizing spaces that bring joy with Feng Shui techniques and ideas for re-purposing and letting go of things to create areas for new growth.
“Looking, Living & Letting Go” was presented by Kim Smith and Joylene Green and explored sleep, relaxation and body image with advice for living a healthier, more restful and positive life.
“Summer Farm-to-Table Testing” featured Jaya Ramamurthy who explored the “Ayurvedic Six Taste” food theory and how those tastes have unique influences in our bodies and minds. Ellen Thompson, representing Rise ‘N Shine Organic Farm, offered insight on growing and preparing organic veggies and the benefits of eating organic produce.
“The Healing Arts of Gardening,” highlighted speaker Lisa “Pipsissewa” Bedner, a Medicine Woman of the Turtle Clan of the Teehahnahmah Nation, who educated us on growing medicinal herb gardens and using common cooking herbs as medicine.
•  “Gifts of The New Year,” featured Blaine Minor and Susan Ewing, who lead discussions on the benefits of sleep and how to best to rest well and develop a mindset that nurtures a successful path for growth in the new year.
“Are You Winterized?” led by Jaya Ramamurthy included a seasonal fall lunch and tips on preparing for the winter season with time-tested Ayurvedic principles.
•  “The Science of Wellbeing,” featured a roundtable discussion on integrative medicine, yoga, psychotherapy, acupuncture, ayurveda and meditation with Cindy Michaels, Bob Ryan, Linda Norman, Christine Pope, Blaine Minor, Marcia Evans, Susan Ewing and Jaya Ramamurthy.
Summer Solstice Wellness Workshop featured four sessions, including:  “Tools of Transformation: 6 Tips for Healthy Change,” presented by Susan Ewing; “Nutritional Healing – What Do We Eat?” presented by Blaine Minor; “Yogic Principles in Healthcare Delivery” presented by Chelsea McPherson and an acupuncture demonstration by Christine Pope.

Let us hear from you! Please email by June 30 for a chance to win a $25 gift shop credit!

Cindy Michaels
Owner & Founder
Wrens Nest Center for Wellbeing & Yoga by Cindy


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