Recovery and Wellness Yoga

Winter Yoga Session Begins January 6
December 31, 2019
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Do you know anyone recovering from a life event, maybe still carrying the emotional/psychological wounds? Maybe from a divorce, a death, addictions, depression, or a big life transition. What happens when we do not have an outlet for these old internal pains and scars? Our issues lie within our tissues. They can manifest as aches, and sickness in our body when the spirit is wounded.  Wrens Nest Center for Wellbeing is a place for healing and our new Wednesday night class is a way to restore the mind and body and GET WELL!
There are 168 hours a week. Isn’t it time to take 1 hour in week for YOU? If you want something different, it is time to step out of your comfort zone and do something different!
Cindy Michaels and Catherine Schueman have partnered together to demonstrate the effectiveness of healing the body, mind, and spirit. We have a few open slots, but they are filling up quickly. If you or someone you know are interested, email at or call 706-529-NEST (6378)  for information, click here to sign up and give our class a try!

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