Our Facility

studentConstruction of Wrens Nest was led by Kim L. Woods Construction, Inc. The facility was designed by architect and photographer Carl Alan Smith, who also designed the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech and Dalton’s Creative Arts Guild building and concourse.

The Wrens Nest facility consists of three parts: the kitchen, bath and parlor on one side; reception area, offices, yoga studio/mulitipurpose room, bath and private lobby on the other; and the breezeway in the middle. Smith described the architectural vision for Wrens Nest, “The design of the facility is centered around the existing garden, which Cindy and her husband started years ago. Each of the major spaces within Wrens Nest are visually connected to the garden area with large windows. A central part of the design is a covered breezeway which acts as a large gateway from the front of the building to the garden space. I intended it to serve as a giant garden gate,” he explained. Smith said the breezeway will be an ideal venue for small community and private gatherings, much like the concourse at the Creative Arts Guild is for larger groups.